Monday, April 26, 2010

Details emerge as fleeing murder suspect kills two in Orlando

According to police, Jose Antonio Maisonet-Maldonado stabbed his girlfriend and ran her over with his car. After police tracked him down, he fled. It is not quite clear how things progressed from there, but we know it ended in downtown Orlando when Maisonet-Maldonado, going 100 mph, stuck a car at a traffic signal, killing two. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he has a long list of priors.

Again, it isn't quite clear what happend from when the OCSO learned spotted Maisonet-Maldonado's and the deadly crash. Again, from the Sentinel:

Deputies later spotted the white BMW at University Boulevard and Goldenrod Road. They attempted to stop the vehicle, but Maisonet-Maldonado did not stop. Deputies said they followed him for "several minutes at normal speeds," but lost sight of the vehicle in downtown Orlando.

Orlando police said that while Sheriff's Office deputies pursued his car, a caller had reported that Alvelo's mother had received a call from Maisonet-Maldonado stating he had killed her daughter.

Shortly after deputies lost track of the BMW, it crashed into two cars that were stopped at a red light under Interstate 4 on Colonial Drive, police records show.

Under the OCSO's pursuit policy, this certainly warrants a pursuit.

Many of the charges are still pending, but Maisonet-Maldonado should NOT face vehicular homicide charges for killing the two victims in the crash. He should be charged with at least 2nd degree murder for killing Amanda Taylor and Francesca Jeffery. This is not a homicide, this is murder. Even if you are not fleeing police, if you are going 100 mph through that intersection (I happen to live 5 minutes away from the crash scene and travel through frequently), you have to know the chance that you kill someone is significant.


Unknown said...

Hi John...this is Scott. Nice job on the site keeping your father's legacy alive. Here's some more inside information for you:

Both the women killed in the fatal crash worked for areas of Florida Hospital as Xray techs. The whole organization is devastated this week in losing two promising and caring individuals--and dealing with an unexpected Thursday and Saturday funeral. I personally had worked with one of the girls multiple times and had met the other just recently.

On the flip side, to make a small world even smaller, my nurse friend actually works for Orange County Jail and guess who one of his patients is--one Mr Maldonado. He apparently shows absolutely ZERO remorse for what happened and as my friend described..."completely stuck up and pompous" in dealing with him.

At least another bad seed is off the streets of Orlando, but what a price to pay to get there...

John Harriss Phillips said...

Scott, thanks for the comment. Given this guy's history I can certainly believe the story about your nurse friend. Thanks for the support, John.

Anonymous said...


I assure you that you have not been given the facts of this case. They did not lose site of him at all. That was yet another lie. In fact they were right on him until the crash and that has been verified by numerous witnesses which they failed to mention were present in the area.

OPD and OCSO are as much to blame and the driver for many reasons. You need only seek the truth and you shall find it. I do not have a Google account or I could allow you to contact me that way. I shall seek out your e-mail address on this site. Take care and thanks for the site and it's information.