Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OnStar Technology Demo

This Thursday I will be attending a OnStar Technology Demo to ask questions about their "Stolen Vehicle Slowdown" service. To quote the press release: "Police officers in pursuit of stolen vehicles are often faced with the risk of endangering themselves, innocent bystanders and property. OnStar-equipped vehicles involved in high-speed chases, however, can be slowed remotely, enabling law enforcement officials to apprehend fleeing criminals without risking lives or damaging other vehicles."

We will see what I learn and the true possibilities of this being an effective tool for law enforcement. I will update Thursday afternoon.

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Steve T. said...

The "OnStar" technology is only effective on vehicles so equipped and has many limitations.

I have been trying for quite some time to get someone to listen to me and the fact that I have a method for SAFELY stopping a fleeing suspect. Virtually NO ONE has even bothered to inquire what it is???

The few trusted Law Enforcement people I have confided in were absolutely shocked at its effectiveness and unbelievable simplicity.

Remember for over 50 years we had electric motors and Fishing-Line but it took that long for someone to combine those two existing simple elements into what is now commonly known as the "Weed Eater"!!!

Do people really want to stop the Deadly Dangerous aspects of these Pursuits or just spend their time and energy BASHING the Police???

Sadly, after many frustrating attempts to get someone involved, I am beginning to believe that the latter of those two options is reality.

The Department of Justice knows how my method works and is very impressed with its simplicity and many other features. They are simply waiting for a prototype for demonstration and evaluation.

I need assistance to go to the next level!

Steve T.
E-mail st4spd-invent@yahoo.com

Hendersonville, North Carolina