Tuesday, October 9, 2007

USA Today, the Early Show, and Good Morning America

OnStar unveiled a method to potentially stop stolen vehicles fleeing from the police today. Read the article in todays USA Today featuring PursuitWatch.org:


Also, if you can, catch my comments on CBS' Early Show and Candy Priano on Good Morning America.

More reaction to come throughout the day...

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Anonymous said...

i am disgusted with your show and pissed off to for the first time in my life write on line to anything. the teenage girl that was beat by her friends was attempted murder to me as a mother and human . this is worse then any race issue ive seen. this was a linching and if this was my child doing the crime id expect long jail time as well. your show witch i always love to watch brought docters on to explain its just girls being boys and its way beone that! we should all suport this child attacked and her parents 100% what can i do to help them and help proscute all involved in the crime as a mother and very outraged mother on this crime! yesturday show awsome and today not! what can you do to back the parents and child help protect them along all of us should. a comment on line put her parents deffending that when there daughter was in danger of a gang attacking, she could have got killed! so crazy upsetting that this isnt seen as important as a hate crime with attempted murder on her life, thank you a very concerned mom for that child and her parents...how do i help and others this family?