Friday, September 21, 2007

Just what is the job of a police officer?

It's an intriguing question: What is the job of a police officer? Some might say, "It's their job to arrest the bad guys!" You're right, but WHY arrest the bad guys? What is the goal in arresting the bad guys? Police arrest the bad guys to protect the good guys. Their job is to protect us. Everything they do should be an action in hopes of reaching that final goal.

I was talking to a law enforcement officer the other day who brilliantly insisted on the difference. He said that many people in his profession often forget what their job is. They see all the bad things that happen in our communities and, naturally, are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the bad guys down. It is not their fault... If anything they care too much. However, where do you draw the line?

At what point is arresting a suspect not protecting us?

PursuitWatch knows where to draw the line when it comes to police pursuits. Unfortunately, others don't.


Anonymous said...

What is the job of a Police Officer? Well where to start. The jobs of a police officer is what it should say, considering that the "general public" expects them to be pretty much everything. It's their job to be a counselor, a teacher, a role model for children, a parent to the children that people dont feel like raising, a preacher, a walking target, a trained fighter, a lawyer and plenty of other things. The have the jobs that no one in the world should have to have. They have the jobs that no one else wants. Chase a drunk driver and if they crash it's the officers fault, however 1800 people a year are killed by drunk drivers that are not being chased by officers. Chase an armed suspect and crash and it's the officers fault, however 10000 people a year are killed by people we are chasing to prevent them from killing again. Let's be realistic. If a police officer dies on duty it's part of the job, if a so called "innocent person" dies while police area chasing the bad guy, it's a tragedy. Police Pursuits are dangerous, and I wish they didnt have to take place, but letting most people go so they can hurt someone else and get away with it. That's a lot more dangerous. Let me ask the real question, "Just what is the job of a citizen?" Of course I do mean other than to hate the police instead of the bad guys. I hope I answered your question, because it is in my opinion a question that no one in their right mind should ever ask.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to think that traffic stops are all police officers do. I am here to tell you that is false. Police officers mostly respond to domestic disputes and trouble with a subject call (i.e. neigbors arguing or customers bickering). Traffic is such a SMALL part of law enforcement. Youre average city policeman probably pulls over less than 20 cars a month. We all to often forget about who answers calls to the housing projects, who handles the shoplifters at your local mall, who works all the wrecks and fender benders, who oversees custody disputes,etc....I would like to delve deep into the issue of vehcile pursuits but that was not the answer the question, the job of a police officer is to do everything and anything the citizens need you to do and do it fast and do it perfect. Also, satisfy both parties involved in every situation and never be to soft or to stern. And as always, a police officer must never forget that tax dollars pay for his salary!! so make sure you tell the next policeman you sure he has never heard it. By the way do you realize that police officers pay tax also? Yes, they also have familes to come home to. basically, the job of a police officer is a job that you do not want.