Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mid-North Monitor: Safety top concern during police pursuits: chief

An interesting story came through my alerts yesterday from the Mid-North Monitor in Espanola, Ontario. Noting the difference between American police pursuits and the Canadian approach...

According to Towns, the approach taken by police services in Ontario is always bent toward the threat the pursuit presents to the safety of the public. This may appear to be in contrast to the American approach, which is generally more aggressive. Through extensive media attention, high-intensity, high-speed pursuits have become part of the visual vocabulary in Canadian households, but for the most part that isn't how it happens north of the border.

In fact, Ontario law states that "police are in fact only to start a pursuit if they have determined that 'there are no alternatives available as set out in the written procedures of the police force'." That is quite a difference.

You can read the rest HERE.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Innocent victim dies in Orlando... Just what happened?

Update, 10:55 AM:

According to the Orlando Sentinel,
Officers said 24-year-old Kenny Zarzuela struck Spencer George Owens' car in Tuesday's crash at Lake Margaret Drive and Semoran Boulevard while fleeing from police. Owens, 42, of Orlando, died at Florida Hospital East.
Police say an officer turned on his lights upon observing Zarzuela run a red light. The suspect was driving erratically and refused to stop. The officer followed for a block or so, and when he was turning his police cruiser around, heard the sound of the collision.

Orlando Sentinel:,0,6550186.story


News reports out of Orlando this morning are revealing the death of a motorist who was struck and killed by a vehicle that failed to stop at the request of the Orlando Police Department. Details are few and far between, but here is what we think we know so far:
  • According to the Orlando Sentinel, OPD attempted to pull over a blue escort after it ran a red light.
  • The escort failed to stop, and the police followed.
  • The suspect's car then struck the victim. Rescue crews transferred the victim to the hospital, where he/she was pronounced dead.
  • The suspect has been arrested. Charges have yet to be filed.
  • According to WESH, police noted that they did not initiate a pursuit and that the accident happened minutes after the attempted stop.
It's very early on this story, but let's stay with it until more details are released.

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