Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chris Cooper's killer gets 15 years, family wants reform

A PursuitWatch reader pointed out the development in the Chris Cooper story. 17 year old Chris was riding his bike while he was struck and killed by Wilfredo Pujols who was being pursuit by the Independence Police Department.

PhillipsWatch blogged about this in November of 07 when it occurred.

For more on the sentence, as well as Chris' family's goal to change the Independence Missouri's pursuit policy, click HERE.

When PursuitWatch first discussed the death of Chris, his mother Cheryl left a comment. She wrote:

Christopher Cooper is my beloved son. He was hit and killed on November 8, 2007, during a high speed police pursuit. His loss has left us devastated and struggling to find a way to justify his death. In Independence, the support from the public is for the police department, and we will have an uphill battle trying to convince them that their policy is deeply flawed. God bless you, John, for carrying on your father's work. I look at your site each day for ways in which I can bring about change in the way pursuits are conducted. Thank you for your time.
Cheryl Cooper